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All The Information You Need To Protect and Register Your Trademark!

We charge thousands of dollars to secure clients' trademarks for them.  In this class, common questions and answers, as well as guidance for the process, has been condensed in an easy to understand format!

Understand the What, Why, and How of IP - from an expert.

Intellectual property can be confusing the first time you hear about it or try to protect your own intangible assets.  This class clears up the confusion and creates a foundation for understanding intellectual property protection for your product or service.

Your instructor, Tamara Pester, has more than twenty years of experience helping clients protect their brands and businesses. 

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Many people feel overwhelmed when starting to think about protecting their intellectual property.  This step-by-step training enables them to be successful in securing rights.

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Looking for more personalized advice?  Schedule a consult to have us review the details of your particular situation, and point you along the way.

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Or, start small

Begin with our 4 Secrets to a Strong Trademark - an easy way to get an overview of how to create and protect a strong brand.  If you choose to take the full class after the short one, the entire cost is applied toward Trademarks 101! 

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